Day 179 – Valentine Gift, Skinny Alfredo, Foil on the George Foreman

This is a three-project day. I haven’t had one of those in quite a long time. It wasn’t quite planned…it just happened.

First, my original plan for the day has been in the works since just after Valentine’s Day last year. I saw this pin that uses Rolos to make a cute Valentine.


I don’t really believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day particularly. I kind of feel like it is a waste of money and it is just a holiday that card companies and stuffed animal makers developed to make people buy stuff so that when their yearly yard sale rolls around, they have a good stock of junk to sell. (I saw a man with his little boy today in the store. He was buying a stuffed green frog that was holding a rose. Sure, it was cute…but really. She would much rather have jewelry…or anything else, I assure you.) That is why I purchased these Rolos after Christmas and saved them for this project. They are red and green. Thankfully there are also gold ones in the pack, so I could put those on the top to make it look more like the picture. I did not have any pipe cleaners, so I used a rubber band to hold them together and a twist tie that I colored with a black marker as the wick.

Projects number two and three kind of go together. I wanted to try this Skinny Alfredo recipe because it sounded pretty easy and delicious. The sauce is made from chicken broth and milk with a bit of flour and garlic. When it thickens up, you can’t tell that it is not made with cheese. I sprinkled a decent amount of parmesan cheese in there, and that made it quite delicious. I highly recommend this and I might make it part of my regular rotation of dinners.

The recipe does not call for chicken, but I thought it would go well in the alfredo. I decided to try cooking it on my George Foreman grill, which I never use because I HATE cleaning it. I lined the grill plates with foil to keep the grill itself clean. It was very difficult to get the foil to stay put, especially on the top grill. Then, once the chicken was partially cooked, I opened the grill to check on it. The foil was stuck to the chicken, so it would not come up easily. Then it became all out of whack and got on my nerves. I almost quit and put the chicken straight on the grill plates, but I held strong. Sure, it made it easier to clean (as in there is nothing to clean), but it was a big pain in the neck. Also, the chicken didn’t get that grilled feeling that it would have if it was on correctly.

Total cost: <$6


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