Day 178 – Dollar Store Craft Closet Organization

I have always known that I have loved the dollar store. As a kid it was fun to get to buy a cheapo toy or some other fun stuff. Then I became in charge of my own money and I realized that this place was a mecca for a bargain hunter. Colorful paper plates, plastic table cloths, wrapping paper, incentives for kids…and plastic bins, which brings us to today’s Pinterest project.

There are all sorts of plastic baskets and bins available at pretty much any Dollar Tree that I have been in. The selection varies, but there are generally a lot of options. I love the idea of having a home for every object and these bins are just what I need. My small bottles of paint have flip flopped from being in my scrapbook turn-about to my general craft bin to tossed behind some other junk so I didn’t have to see it being disorganized. Those days are over because now I have attached some plastic bins to the hanger bar in my craft closet.

At first I thought my plan was flawed when I saw the original post that showed her baskets with a handle on each end, making it able to stay nice and even. My bins only have 1 handle, so they kind of tilted a little on the bar. Thankfully the handle has little finger dips that keep it in place on the bar. Another bonus to the fact that there is only one handle is that, since I am a little short, I can tilt the bin toward me as needed so I can see into it and get what I need. I am very pleased with this organization idea.


Total cost: $2

(Upon further investigation, it turns out the original poster used hooks on the under side of a shelf to hold her bins. I think my idea worked with a lot less elbow grease)


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