Day 177 – Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

I am really not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it is kind of a stupid excuse to pay lots of money for junk you don’t even want and fake act like you are more in love that day than the rest of the year. (You could celebrate it on February 15th if you really wanted and get some discounted chocolate. I would imagine that if you pushed it back to February 20, you could get an even deeper discount…but then you would probably be left with a bad selection of really cheapo waxy chocolate hearts in pink and red foil wrappers)

I am really a fan of hilarious things though, so I decided to make my Valentine some funny cards a little early. This pin has some super funny Valentines. Some are a little R rated, but I truly cracked up at a lot of them. Here are the ones I went with:



Total cost: $0

pin it here


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