Day 176 – Magazines in Boots

After almost six months of Pinteresting every day, sometimes I am less than enthused at the idea of doing something. You can probably tell by the occasional boring activity that I post about. Like that day when I tried that pressure point junk on my stuffy nose…or the day when I went to see Beauty and the Beast and then I realized that I hadn’t done a Pinterest project for the day, so I searched for something from the play and pinned it and then wrote a blog.

You may look at tonight’s project as a filler to bide my time through the year. However, I feel like it is one of the greatest quick-projects ever! Here are the steps to what I did…see if you can follow them:

1. Got 2 ESPN magazines from the husband’s pile.

2. Rolled them up.

3. Stuck them in my boots.

4. Repeated 1-3 for my other boots.

I used to have a pile of boots laying on the floor next to my nice organized shoe organizer. Now I have two beautiful pairs of boots standing at attention, making my dark old closet seem just a little bit brighter.

Total cost: $0

(I can’t find this anywhere on my Pinterest boards, but I know it is there somewhere. Trust me. I can’t think of this stuff on my own!)


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