Day 174 – Felt Pizza

When I realized that I needed to get a present for a 2-year-old, I decided I should get creative. He has a younger brother and I was thinking about how, at some point, that household will be overrun by cars and trucks and tools and other little boy toys. I wanted to do something different, so I turned to Pinterest and found this felt pizza that I could make.
The link from the pin takes you to a long list of ideas. Under the “gifts for pretend and dress up fun” section, it links you to a blogger who watched a YouTube video. She did things a little differently, so I wanted to go to the original source. Unfortunately, the link on her page did not go anywhere, so I Googled it. The name of the video is “Lilly Bean felt pizza.” It is a wonderful video tutorial. Sadly, her website is no longer in business, but that’s ok because all you really need is the video.
It was a very easy project for the most part. Making the mushrooms and pepperoni were the most difficult, but the more I made, the easier it got.
I am very pleased with how it turned out!


Total cost: Since this is a gift, I am choosing to withhold this information. But per pizza that I am able to make with the supplies i bought, it is quite reasonable.


2 thoughts on “Day 174 – Felt Pizza

  1. From the mommy of the little boy for whom this pizza was hand-crafted, this gift gets an A+!! Brady loves it and has been having tons of fun serving and “eating” his pizza! Unfortunately, he has also been feeding the mushrooms to his 6 month old brother, LOL! Thanks so much Katie for this beautiful, thoughful, special and fun gift.

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