Day 172 – Yarn Organization

Sometimes it is the simplest things that make you think Man I am an idiot for not thinking to do this before now!

I stumbled upon a website that has a 100 of uses for organizing your home with dollar store items. Every time I go to the Dollar Tree, I wonder why I don’t go there ALL the time. (Ok, not Saturday nights because then it gets a little shady…lesson learned…)

This website showed a couple of ways to organize yarn. One of the ways was to wrap your yarn around a clothes pin. That would be great except that I have a bunch of almost full skeins of yarn. Up until tonight, the yarn lived in my one random 12 x 12 x 12 inch craft bin. It is the same bin where I keep my fabric scraps, and unused Christmas tree balls to decorate. I also have some elastic string, a piece of black foam, and a few other odds and ends in there. As you can imagine, this bin is quite overflowing with all kinds of crafty goodness. You never know what you might need one day!

I was scrolling through and I found this website linked in the dollar store website. I spent a lot of time reading through the many paragraphs looked at the picture and thought Man I am an idiot for not thinking to do this before now. Basically this picture showed me that you can put your yarn into a bag. They have some crazy sectioned out thing with plastic bags on some things and yarn standing up in the middle. I don’t need to spend $1 to put my yarn in a bag. I have a huge stash of bags that I can’t see getting rid of, but I really don’t use for anything, so I grabbed one of those and put my yarn in it. It definitely relieved a lot of space from my craft bin, which is needed because after this weekend’s project, I am probably going to have a lot of leftovers to shove in there. Oh Pinterest!

Total cost: $0


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