Day 171 – Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies


This recipe was very tasty. If you click this link, it takes you to a recipe for cookies (duh), but if you read the paragraphs, it suggests that you choose your own favorite recipe and just add the pretzels, milk chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips. (Ok…so I think I read that. I skimmed the paragraph parts and I am pretty sure it said that I could do that. Plus, this is my blog, I can do whatever the heck I want to do!) So I made the dough for Nestle Toll House cookies and added pretzels and the chips.

I did not feel like being in the kitchen all night, so I halved the recipe. I may or may not have skipped the measurement part for the chips and the pretzels. I may or may not have just dumped an appropriate-looking amount in. That’s what I usually do when making regular chocolate chip cookies. I’d say they turned out very well!

Total cost:

$4 for the peanut butter chips and pretzels, but I have a lot of both left over.


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