Day 168 – Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

As if the weather is not cold enough, let’s add some ice cream to the day. It’s never too cold for ice cream! (when you are inside your nice cozy home)

As with most game days, the kiddos come over and we have 7 or 8 people hanging out eating lots of food. I thought that it would be a perfect occasion to make a whole cake mix worth of chocolate waffles for ice cream sandwiches. And then one child decided she would rather go to a friend’s house for the game, so that knocked us down 2 people. Another child took one look at the ice cream sandwich and complained that it did not look like the ones he is used to having, and he would not touch it. Everyone else was too full from other food. I was determined to give them a try anyway (mostly because I needed a Pinterest project for the day and I had already made all of the waffles).

I mixed the cake mix according to the directions and made them just like you would make waffles. The original pinner suggested freezing the waffles to get them to be a little more firm before putting the ice cream on it. After the waffles were good and frozen, I chose to scoop some ice cream into a cup and stir it around to get it a little softer than it was. I also put it in the microwave for 5 seconds. I was going to do 10, but then I got worried that would be too much. I am not really sure that 5 seconds did anything, but I figured you should know in case you want to try this. Then I spread it over a waffle and topped it with another waffle.

At first I thought it tasted like when you are at a birthday party and your ice cream and cake are on the same plate and the ice cream starts melting and gets onto your cake, making it soggy. But as I kept trucking through, it started having a more delicious cohesive taste. The waffles from my waffle maker are pretty thick. Maybe if you had a thinner waffle maker, it would be easier to eat more. I chose not to eat a whole one. I probably could have, but I felt like it was too much bad for you for one sitting.

I can’t say that I absolutely loved this project, but it was fun to try. It would probably be fun for a hot summer day when you had more people around who wanted to eat them so you weren’t stuck with an entire gallon sized ziplock bag of chocolate waffles that your husband won’t eat because he “doesn’t like chocolate cake.”



Total cost: $5 (Ice cream in a small town is pricy!)

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