Day 166 – Yarn Pom Poms

At the beginning of the school year I saw this idea to make pom poms from yarn, but I could not quite find a reason why my classroom or my everyday life would need these. Things changed today when we had an unexpected snow day and one bored six year old.

For Christmas, we got her an American Girl scarf making kit where she can make a scarf for herself and a matching one for her American Girl doll. Let’s be clear here…nothing about this kit is actually exclusive to American Girl Dolls. It was basically a box of yarn with some instructions and a plastic piece to wrap the yarn around.

The original pin shows the user wrapping yarn around a fork to get the shape. That meant you can only create a pom pom the size of your fork. This box gave two different sized plastic pieces so we can make girl sized pom poms and doll sized pom poms. It took 20 pom poms to make the girl sized scarf and we were pretty pom pomed out at that point. Maybe some other day we will find the time and energy to make little Lily her own little miniature scarf.


Total cost: $6.99 (really not all that much more expensive than just buying the yarn outright. Hooray Marshalls for a good bargain!)


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