Day 160 – The Alphabet Game

There are a lot of different ways that people can play the alphabet game. I used to get really mad when people would force me to play by their rules instead of mine. When I was younger,  my family traveled a lot by car. My grandparents lived more than 2 hours away, and occasionally we would trek out to Ohio on an 8 hour drive. With all of that experience, I definitely felt like an expert.
Here are my rules in a nutshell:
-Has to be at the beginning of the word.
-Abbreviations don’t count.
I figure this is pretty simple and easy to follow.

If you have ever played the alphabet game, you would realize just how hard it is to find Q, X, and z.
Basically, in the English language, no words start with X. You could pretty much search for the entire drive and never find one. That is why I added the ammendment:
-X and only X xan come in the middle of a word.
We got quite stumped on Q, but we found it as we passed a LaQuinta Inn.
The whole game took about 1 hour. We played a second time, but my attention span is not that into it at this point. I am still waiting to find a Z…

This is the website with the picture that inspired this post.  Too bad they didn’t use these letters in words. As I think more about it, this sign would be quite useless if I actually encountered it in a drive.


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