Day 159 – Tinkerbell Gifts

Kids love Disney World. They also have a difficult time managing their emotions when they are presented with overstimulation in the form of crowds, gift shops, characters, rides, shows… I have done an unscientific observation study on the behavior of random children this week and I have noticed a few things. – No amount of stuff is ever enough. – Even in the early morning wait to get into the parks, kids and parents can be heard squabbling about various things. Some kids ask a question that their mom has answered “THREE times already!” Some kids slam their lanyards into their dads’ stomachs and they are “sick of it!” – Around 3:00 every day, kids can be heard crying for various reasons across all 4 parks. Since I was traveling with a six-year-old and a three-year-old, I thought we would be experiencing a lot of the undesirable behaviors I had heard about. Usually day 3 is the worst day for meltdowns and I wanted to help ward that off at all costs. When I saw a tip about Tinkerbell bringing gifts to good children at night, I thought we had better give that a try. I went to the dollar store and bought Disney related gifts for her to bring. This worked like a charm! It was amazing! These were some of the best behaved children I have ever seen in a park as meltdown-worthy as Disney World! We told them about how Tinkerbell is watching them while they are here and if they are really good, she might bring a present while they slept. The first morning we woke up, Alyssa came down with excitement for her Tinkerbell gift, and poor little Nick woke up in tears because he thought he didn’t get anything. He had fallen out of his bed a few times in the night, so his gift was not in the same place where he woke up. Once everything got sorted out, he was a-ok and both were totally on board with this Tinkerbell thing. Every other morning, I awoke to someone’s little voice talking about their wonderful Tinkerbell present. It was a great bargaining tool when one of them forgot to listen, or had undesirable behavior. These kids were awesome this week. I dont think this Tinkerbell thing was really the reason for that, but I am sure it didn’t hurt!


Total cost: $16 for 16 gifts No pics yet but I will work on it!


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