Day 157 – Disney’s Photopass+

I have a Disney Visa card where you earn Disney Dollars to be used anywhere in the parks (or Disney Stores all around). I have been saving them up and I wanted to use them on something great. I decided to get the Photopass+ which gets you a cd of all of the photos you have taken at the parks by their photographers. They cost about $15 each, so I thought it would be a pretty good deal. Once we have the cd we can get them printed by places like snapfish or shutterfly instead of Disney.
Here are my thoughts on this whole photopass thing:
-It is pretty nice and fun to know that you can have everyone in the shot without asking a stranger to hold your phone/camera.
-I like having the ride photos. We rode a few rides more than once and tried some funny poses that we wouldn’t ordinarily do on a ride.
-The photographers are trained to take some fun shots where they can superimpose characters with you. That is fun.
-I noticed that there are not as many photopass photographers around as I would like.
-For more than one character we visited, there was no photographer present. We still needed to use our own camera.
-Not every photographer seemed knowledgeable about those magic shots that put the character in your picture.
-Most of the time the photographers were in front of the iconic things like the tree of life or Cinderella’s castle. You can only have sooo many of the same shot.

Overall I enjoy having the photopass+ but I do not think that it is worth the full price. There are not enough photographers and not enough different locations for pictures to be taken. But it is really fun to get pictures from the rides.

Total cost: $40 (which is a bargain compared to $199)


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