Day 154 – Rhinoceros

I had the pleasure of visiting some rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?) today at Animal Kingdom in Florida. I saw this picture of an adorable baby and mama on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, as most babies do, I suppose the one from this picture grew up and I could only get a picture of a grown-up.

Instead of leaving you with a boring post about how I saw a rhinoceros on a safari, I will leave you with a few rhinoceros facts:

~The black and white African rhinoceros are almost the same color. The difference is that the black has a hooked, pointed lip while the white has a squared one.

~They can grow to be over 6 feet tall and more than 11 feet in length.

~The longest known horn on a black rhino was 4 feet 9 inches long.

If you want some more facts, you can visit this website which, sadly, was not found on Pinterest.

Total cost: $0 (to take the picture)

Pin it here


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