Day 153 – Car Games

The internet is full of boring little kid car games. What if you are an adult who is bored in the car? I am really not interested in playing I Spy or Name a Synonym.
I found this website that gave me the idea to see if I could guess all 44 US Presidents. (Perhaps it is a little nerdy but I was up for the challenge). I got 32 before I gave up. I am very thankful for having the internet on my phone so I could check to see who I missed. I also got the idea to create life stories for the people we randomly passed. I wasn’t feeling so creative so I gave up on that after just 2 cars. Maybe I will stick with the old stand-bys like the license plate game and the alphabet game. Or maybe I will just take more naps.

The License Plate Game:

Total cost: $0


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