Day 150 – Banana with cinnamon and honey

I don’t like bananas. I really don’t. But I eat them sometimes. Mostly because they are good for you, they are filling, and they are convenient. You can toss them in a bag and they hold up pretty well. I am a big fan of their portability, just not their taste. The only way I can eat one is when it is perfectly yellow. I never want to eat banana bread or pudding or any other banana flavored dessert. Don’t even get me started on banana-flavored candy!

Today I decided that maybe honey and cinnamon would make a banana more bearable to eat. I packed the things with me to give it a try at lunch. I sliced some of the banana and drizzled it with honey and then sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top. It was surprisingly delicious. It still tasted like a banana of course, but it was kind of tasty. I can see you tricking yourself into thinking this is a tasty snack rather than an icky banana.

Imagine if you actually liked bananas, honey and cinnamon…you would probably really like this snack.

(I am so sure I found this on Pinterest…I assure you I would never think of anything banana on my own…It’s just that I can’t find it to link to this blog. If you ever find it, let me know and I will give someone else the credit)


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