Day 149 – Magazine Holder to Organize Plastic Wraps

You may have been wondering when you would see this magazine holder again. I am glad to announce that today is the day you have been waiting for!

I am a little embarrassed to show the before picture of this closet. You see, my house is on the older side, and I do not have very many drawers in my kitchen. I do, however, have some insanely large cabinets. These cabinets are quite spacious, but they do not lend themselves to easy organization. When I first moved in, I had neatly organized my plastic baggies and aluminum foil products in a nice little row along the bottom of one half of the cabinet. It was probably not the best idea that I have had, but it stuck and that’s how things have been for more than 4 years. The thing about it that can be considered a problem is that no one seems to put the products back in as neat of a way as they got them. (This is where you might think I am implicating my husband…but let’s be honest…I am the one who uses these things on a regular basis.) Here is the horrifying before picture:
You might notice a slight attempt at organization there in the background. A few years ago I installed some wire racks to hold the boxes. It stayed organized for a day or so until I needed to actually use some of these things. Then it became pretty impractical to reach so far into the back to straighten the box that tipped in the way. It sounds like a fake excuse now, but trust me…it was not worth the effort. Now with my new fancy magazine holder organizer, I can just pull it out as needed. The boxes I use less frequently are still in the oeganizers to the back and side.
Let’s hope this organizing attempt is more successful than the last!


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