Day 147 – Cake Batter Pancakes

Last night, Alyssa spent the night for the fun of it, so this morning we dined in style. I decided to give cake batter pancakes a try since we had every ingredient except stuff to make the glaze.

The batter was quite easy to prepare. I ended up adding a bit more cake mix because the few taste tests we had did not seem cake-y enough. The directions suggested that we could do this if we felt it necessary.

Then it was time for adding the sprinkles. I was SO sure that I had a whole bottle of rainbow sprinkles that I did not even look for them. When I went to pull them down, they were nowhere to be found. So instead, I decided we could use those little colored dot sprinkles. The teeny tiny kind that when you spill a few, they go everywhere and then static cling to your broom. (I know all about that from previous experiences, but that didn’t happen today, thankfully!) They looked all colorful and pretty at first…and then they all melted into the batter and turned a purple-ish gray color.

I do not recommend using these. I ended up sprinkling some Valentine’s Day sprinkles on the wet side while they were cooking. That was passable, but not as good as regular colored sprinkles could have been.

These were sweet enough to be eaten just as they were. I think if we had glaze, it might have made it over-the-top sweet. It probably would have been delicious, but I think we made out alright with what we did.

I agree with the Pinner who said that this would make a fun birthday breakfast for kids.

Total cost: $0 for me today since I had everything.


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