Day 146 – Liquid Layers in a Bottle

  • Hooray for another Ravens win! It was a tight one, but they pulled it off!
  • Since there was a Ravens game, there were a couple of cute kiddos here who wanted to do a project.

I thought it would be fun to layer some liquids and shake them up to watch them settle. We wanted to do some fun colors, but I couldn’t find my food coloring. Instead, I decided to use the pastes that I use for cake decorating. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that they are not quite as suitable for coloring liquids.

To make our bottle, first we squeezed in quite a bit of honey. That’s two honey projects in one week, so now I need to put that on my grocery list. Then some (generic) Karo Syrup. We colored that purple, but it looked more like a dark blue when we were done with it. Next came dish soap, which was also a blue color, and some water that was pink. Then we did regular vegetable oil and topped it off with green rubbing alcohol. You could see most of these layers as we put everything in at first, so we shook it up to watch it settle. Then we got pretty bored when nothing was happened and asked to do another craft immediately. That’s a pretty big sign that this was a dud.


This is about as settled as it has looked and it has been sitting still for a few hours. If you so desire to do this project I would not recommend trying to color your liquids, but really I would say don’t waste your time or your supplies and find something way more fun that Pinterest has to offer.

p.s. We skipped the lamp oil step. Who the heck has lamp oil just laying around? This is the 2000s!

Total cost: 1 bottle of honey.


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