Day 144 – Strawberry Trifle

Tonight I got together with my favorite girls for Dinner and Downton. If you can’t tell by the name, it is where we got together and made dinner and watched Downton Abbey. We dined on our traditional feast of Taco Ring, and Tracie found a beautiful dessert from Pinterest.
Tracie made all of the parts of this trifle at home and tonight I helped assemble it. It is layered with pound cake, custard, strawberries and strawberry jam. There is a layer of Cool Whip and strawberries on top. It tasted a lot like strawberry shortcake. I really liked it. I was a little disappointed in how it looked. I struggled to make each layer as pretty as the picture. It seems like you would need a lot of each layer to make it really show through on the sides. If you look carefully enough, you can tell that my layers aren’t quite even. I don’t think that mattered so much as we scooped it out and it all caved in anyway.
I have never made a trifle before, and given the fact that I don’t have a trifle bowl, I don’t foresee many trifles in my future, but this was fun for a try.


We also tried hulling strawberries by using a straw. It was mildly successful, but you still needed a knife to get parts of the green bits off. Also, these strawberries had a lot of white at the top that we wanted to cut off. Using a knife was easier for us with this batch of strawberries.

Pin it here



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