Day 143 – Homemade Granola Bars

It is so nice to have so many people rooting for me in this crazy Pinterest blog. Some days I really lack inspiration. Some days I think “why the heck did I decide to do this?” Some days I think that I just want to come home and not make something. I am nearly half way through this (ok, that is being optimistic), and I still have plenty of ideas flowing, but when a friend came to me to talk about granola bars, I decided that would make a good project for tonight. I already had all of the ingredients and we both were interested in seeing how these tasted. Rather than her use the time to experiment and test the recipe, she commissioned me (I am such a sucker!).

I am here to tell you that this was a brilliant idea! It was incredibly easy to make (a little messy, but that’s ok) and it is SO good. It has some pretty healthy ingredients in it like oats and honey. I am sure that it is not the best thing ever in the world for you to eat, but I would say it has more health benefits than a cookie. I also like that it is a cheaper alternative to buying the store bought granola bars. I would estimate that you could make about 12-14 granola bars out of this pan.

You should definitely give this recipe a try!


Total cost: To me tonight $0

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