Day 141 – Mug Cozy

I got started on this project a little late for a one night crocheting project, so excuse my post for being a little short. My hand is quite crampy.

Around 8:30 I decided to, again, throw out my Pinterest schedule (I forgot to get spray adhesive) and thought it would be a brilliant idea to try to speed-crochet a cute little mug cozy. No one likes to drink hot things and get burned by the mug. This is the cure to that dreaded problem. (I am watching Shark Tank right now and I feel the need to sell you on this product).

It took me about two hours to finish, but it was nice to have a not-so-messy project that allowed me to watch TV and relax.

Total cost: I would be willing to guess < $1. I had the supplies already and it hardly used any yarn.

Pin it here


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