Day 140 – Downloaded an (awesome) App and Straw Flutes

This morning I made a Pinterest Project schedule for the week, and as is usual for me, it has already been thrown out the window. After I made my schedule, I did a little housework. Then I got a little tired of housework, so I went on Pinterest and found out about an app for the iPad that you can use to create your own fonts. I SAID: YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN FONTS! Get excited about this people! My handwriting is now a font on my computer. So is my husband’s and my sister-in-law’s. Plus I have made a few others for the fun of it too.

Here’s the thing about this app for why you might not want to get it. It costs $6.99, which is definitely way expensive for an app. I pretty much think that anything more than $0 is expensive for an app. The great news for me is that I had an iTunes gift card from LAST Christmas (a year and a few days ago) that I had not used up yet. If you have an iTunes gift card (or want to spend the $$) and you can’t figure out what to buy, this app is really fun.

That was my morning and I figured I was done Pinteresting for the day.

Then we had the family over for the Ravens Playoff Game. (Hooray! They won!) Somehow my really cute niece has the idea that I am crafty (Who knows where she got that idea!) and she has very high expectations for crafting whenever she comes over. I was lacking motivation, and I knew I already had done my project for the day. I was looking forward to just watching the game. I pulled out my kiddo craft bin and let her do whatever she wanted with all of the supplies. Remember yesterday how I mentioned that kids struggle to be creative because they are always handed specific criteria for how to complete a task? That totally happened today. This kid had TONS of materials at her disposal. Popsicle sticks, glue, foam stickers, chalk, paper, carbon paper, feathers, markers…

And she was bored.

She did end up making her own craft with some of those supplies, but then when she was done, she still asked if I could do a craft with her. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find this idea for making a flute with straws. They are not the most musical flutes, but they occupied the kids for a bit of the time. We played “guess the song” a lot. First her song was Jingle Bells, which I did not guess correctly. Then it was Rudolph, which I did not guess correctly. Then it was I Love Mom, which, given that she made that song up, I did not guess correctly.

Nick liked his, but he was more interested in playing iPad games than doing much of anything else.

Today was quite a Pinterestful day!

Total cost: $0

Pin it here


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