Day 138 – Freezer Organization

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most useful. I have the hardest time finding what I am looking for in my freezer. I try to keep my vegetables in one section and my meat in another, but without anything to distinctly organize them, a lot of times things get put wherever they can be shoved and I move on with my day. In the past, this disorganization has caused me to have problems such as more than one open bag of broccoli, or lost chicken breasts.

My frozen food problems are solved with a few dollar store bins to hold my meats and vegetables. Those are the things I go for most often, as well as the things that like to hide the most. Did you know I had a whole pack of bacon in there? I even found that some little cover thing had popped off from the freezer wall, so I was able to push that back in place.

It’s not like I never clean out my freezer either. I do that pretty regularly because I hate the chaos that it contains. It’s just been a little while, and now with these little bins, I have what I need in a handy spot.

Total cost: $2

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