Day 135 – 24 Second Duvet Cover Change

This year I decided to ring in the new year with some housework. (Ok, I also finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey and played on the computer a good fair share too).

I was going to show a picture of an empty mason jar and tell you that was my project for the day. You are supposed to put in notes of good things that have happened throughout the year and then read them on New Year’s Eve. I definitely plan on doing that, but my husband said that was kind of cheating and a pretty crappy project. Who asked him anyway?

So instead, I decided to wash my duvet cover so I could try putting it on in 24 seconds (it is #16). I think I saw on Pinterest (or maybe the back of the box) that if you put ½ cup of Borax into the laundry, it acts as color-safe bleach. I gave this a try and I was pretty pleased with how it worked. Things seemed extra clean. Could have been all made up in my head, but whatever.

Once it was all clean and dry, I tried the steps that the website directed:

1) Fold the duvet cover into quarters so one long opening is facing you.
2) Fold the duvet into quarters.
3) Slide the duvet, long crease first, into the opening of the duvet cover.
4) With your fingers, hold the two open corners of the duvet cover, along with the duvet corners. Shake it out.

It said it would take 24 seconds. My natural instinct is to test that timing and prove them wrong. Unfortunately, I felt like I did not understand the instructions enough for it to even be fair for me to time it.

Step 1: My duvet cover only has one long opening, and if I folded it in quarters, wouldn’t my one long opening now be smaller than it should be? I decided to skip this step and move on to step 2.

Step 2: I folded my duvet into quarters.

Step 3: What do you mean long crease? How about if I just shove it in and keep track of two of the corners for step four?

Step 4: Grabbed onto the corners of the cover and the duvet and shook. It definitely shook out and was much easier than my usual method, which is shoving the top corners all the way in and tugging and pulling until things are smooth.

Step 5: They failed to mention in the original post that the other corners of the blanket do not just magically appear in the corners of the cover. I had to reach in (and pull out the rogue washcloth that made it’s way in there during the wash) and tug the corners in place.

This was definitely more than 24 seconds, but also much easier than what I used to do. I do enjoy it when household tasks are made easier by simple little changes.

Total cost: $0

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