Day 133 – Baby Doll Diapers

This Christmas, my niece got a Baby Alive doll that drinks water and then the water magically appears in her diaper. I don’t quite get the fascination children have with this concept, but I guess it’s because I am not six. The doll came with one diaper on and one extra diaper in the box. She fed the baby some water, it “peed,” she changed her diaper and walked the wet one over to the trashcan. I was quite frustrated by this concept. Someone paid good money for this doll, diapers included, and now, just because one diaper was wet, the expectation was for it to be thrown away. Of course, I do not blame my niece for this thinking. I probably blame the Baby Alive people. Or maybe I blame Moms. All Moms ever do is throw away their kids’ dirty diapers and get a new one. The difference here is that Baby Alive pees WATER. Plain, clear, fresh water that will dry and you will never know the difference.

Someone stopped her from throwing that diaper away. Maybe it was me, maybe it was someone else, but I sat there thinking about how the Baby Alive people have you trapped. Their little diapers won’t last forever. You can buy replacement diapers. Hasbro sells them for $6.99 for a pack of six. So with Alyssa’s original thinking, she could change her baby’s diaper, throwing away the old one each time. That means it would cost more than $1 each time she wanted to feed WATER to her TOY.

So to find a solution to that problem, I decided to make some cloth diapers. I found this tutorial that showed what to do, and then I adapted it to fit my needs. I used the real Baby Alive’s diaper as a template for size and made it a little bigger for the seam allowance. Then, to make it more able to soak up water, I put a layer of felt in the middle of the diaper. I really liked how the tutorial showed a long strip of Velcro across the front so that you could tighten it as much as you needed. It is my hope that these diapers can also fit some other dolls too. Baby Alive’s behind is much bigger than you may expect for a doll of her size. I am thinking these diapers can fit an American Girl too.

I made them in three colors because I had a lot of scraps of fabric left from other projects. I think the pink and the brown dots will be more absorbent than the purple. The joke will be on Alyssa when her baby pees on her like she did to me when she was a baby. (I love that girl)

Total cost: $0 – All of these supplies have been accounted for in previous projects.

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