Day 131 – Ruffled Lampshade

I have been to the store Anthropologie approximately three times in my life. Every time I have been there I found a zillion things that I love, and zero things I can afford. So I pretty much never go there because I know it will just end in heartbreak.

When I found this knock-off of an $88 Anthropologie lampshade, I knew I had to try it. I followed the tutorial from a website of someone who apparently followed another person’s tutorial. The original maker wrapped her lampshade in burlap and then glued burlap strips to the burlap background (I didn’t find this out until I had already finished). The tutorial I followed said she wished that she wrapped the lampshade. When I heard that, I took it as a pass to not need to wrap it. The burlap and the lampshade were exactly the same color, and it was in my mind to just ruffle the burlap so you would not see the original lampshade anyway.

Another difference between my lampshade and the two tutorials is that theirs is a cylinder shape and mine is the more traditional shape that gets bigger toward the bottom. I looked at Target to see if they had a cheap cylinder lampshade but the ones they had were already decorated and they cost at least $15. I decided mine was perfectly fine even though it was shaped differently.

This project was relatively easy, but it took about two hours. The most tedious part was ironing the strips in half. I thought that maybe I could have skipped this step, but I am glad I didn’t. It gave the strips just enough of a fold that it made it easy to stick them to the glue. I was also impressed at the fact that I only burned my fingers 2 or 3 times.

The biggest downfall to this project is all of the burlap dust and bits that went everywhere. I have never worked with burlap before this, but it is a pretty messy material. With each cut I made, there were 50 million little shards of burlap that got all over the place. They remind me of when you get your hair cut and your neck is all itchy because of the tiny hairs stuck in your shirt. Except these are not just in my shirt…they are all over the table and carpet too. Definitely not the tidiest project, but I really like it, so it was worth it.


Total cost: $5.08

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