Day 71 – Crochet Scarf: I haven’t had too many opportunities to wear this scarf, but when I did on Christmas Eve while sitting in church, I noticed it was starting to come unraveled a little. I quickly tied it back together so it should be good to go now.

Day 73 – Parent teacher conference form: I will definitely always use this from this day forward. It took a really long time to fill out one of these for each student, but I felt more prepared than ever before to tell parents how their children were doing.

Day 86 – Take-out menu organizer: I woke up the next morning to this organization solution laying on the counter. I guess my sticky tabs weren’t sticky enough.

Day 98 – Christmas tree tags: I found these to be a little too large for your everyday Christmas tag. I did not end up making more of them.

Day 99 – Thread Christmas Tree: I used 1 spool of embroidery floss per tree. It looked good when I finished it, but I quickly realized that 1 spool is probably not enough. I made two trees on separate occasions, and both lean pretty drastically. I think it is because there is too much blank space and not enough thread.

Day 114 – Shoe organizer behind cabinet door: I. Love. This.

Day 115 – Christmas card tags: I made a bunch of these this year with all of the Christmas cards I had from last year. They were very easy to make and cuter than the ones I bought. I will definitely be doing this again next year.

Day 123 – Christmas Lights Nails: I really enjoyed these nails, but they did not last very long. I was surprised with how little I was bothered by the feeling of the string on my nails. I was pretty disappointed though when they started chipping two days later. I painted them Thursday night and had to take it off by Saturday night. At least I got a good two days out of them.


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