Day 130 – Countdown to Disney

Yep, that’s right. Countdown to Disney. We are taking a trip there in a few weeks with my husband’s family and I couldn’t be more excited! On Christmas, my sister-in-law told the kids and we were expecting a super reaction like they showed on those commercials a few years ago. She packed a box of clues that they opened on Christmas morning. Everyone had the video cameras going and when they opened the box they just had confused expressions when they saw neck pillows and Mickey and Minnie ring pops. I thought it was a clever idea, and they were excited of course, but the video was not one that was worthy of being on a Disney World commercial. Oh well…you win some, you lose some. At any rate, all of the adults are SUPER excited. So maybe today’s project is for the kids, maybe it is for the adults. Either way, I love it.

With this adorable chain, we can count down to our trip.



The website where this idea came from suggested starting it with a poem at the top. I opted for the less-time-taking sparkly blue ribbon. They also suggested to put a family activity periodically in some of the links. I opted for the easier day number. I am pretty happy with how it all turned out and it will be fun to see the days dwindling down until we leave.

Total cost: $0

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