Day 129 – Snow Snoopy

Sometimes I pin things that I think are cute. Not necessarily that I will do them, but I think they are funny or neat to look at. That was why I pinned this picture of Snoopy that someone made out of snow.

Then I woke up this morning and it was snowing like crazy. I just thought it was going to rain today, so the snow was a surprise. I didn’t have anything on the Pinterest schedule, and my brother suggested I do something with the snow. That’s when I remembered about that silly snoopy. So I trudged outside wearing my dad’s boots and got building. My little dog Jolie was outside with me and she nearly smashed Snoopy a few times, but thankfully she didn’t succeed.

I made a miniature version of the Snoopy in the picture. It is not quite as snowy here as it probably was wherever that picture was taken. Mine is not nearly as crisp as it could have been either. It was still snowing which was messing up the smoothness and I have never tried to make anything except a snowman before. (are those ok enough excuses?)

Once I got the shape finished (as good as I figured it was going to get), I had my family scour the house for some things to make his ears and nose. I used sticks for his collar and eyes. My mom found some black tagboard for this ears, and I used a chocolate Christmas bell for his nose. I’d say mine is passable, even if it isn’t a direct replica of the first one.

Total cost: $0


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