Day 127 – Film Negatives Vase and Bible Verses for Advent

I have this friend who says she knows it’s going to be great when Chris starts a sentence with “I saw this thing on Pinterest…”

Well Chris saw this thing on Pinterest where you use film negatives to cover a square vase. As a novice Pinterest user, he pinned something where the link did not lead to a tutorial, but since we are smart people, we faked our way through it and figured it out on our own.

We took some film negatives and Mod Podged them onto a rectangular vase. It is pretty much as easy as it seems.

We thought we could round the pictures around the corners, but they kept popping up, so we decided to cut them at the corners, which worked out pretty well. It’s a pretty cute personalized project that will make a great gift for his mom tomorrow.


The other “project” I did today was actually 24 days in the making. I read a Bible passage a day leading up to Christmas Eve. I think it is neat to offer quick passages for people who may be in a hurry. The problem I ran into was that I wanted to read more than what the passage told me to. So then I ended up reading more than one day’s passage at a time. I can’t say that I read this every day like the pin suggested, but I did read all of the passages throughout the past 24 days. It is really nice to sit back and remember why we are going through the hustle and bustle of the season and to be reminded of the little details that make this a great story. I make it a point to not be stressed during the Christmas season. Of course, like any human, there are things that stress me out, but it is my favorite time of year. I choose to enjoy every moment, even the less relaxing ones. Don’t forget why we celebrate this time of year. It is not just because we want to give presents and make (and eat) cookies. It is because God chose to send his Son to Earth as a baby so he could grow up showing us how to live our lives. Without that little baby who came into the world in the most unexpected way, we would never have this crazy hectic busy fun exciting joyful holiday season to celebrate.


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