Day 126 – Porcelain Ornaments with Sharpie Markers

Today’s project was perfect for my two favorite kiddos. They came over to “watch” the Ravens game, which means that I needed an idea to occupy them while everyone else watched the game and we played.

Last week or so when I was in Michael’s, I noticed they were starting to clear out their Christmas stuff, so I grabbed two star ornaments. I remembered reading how you can draw on “dollar store” plates and then bake them and the ink sets in so you can wash them. I decided to give this a try on the ornaments instead.

It worked out perfectly when a coworker gave me some colorful Sharpie markers this past Friday. I am always a little unsure about giving permanent markers to little kids. I was going to have them do it at the dining room table, but I decided that was too easy to mess up with a stray marker stripe. Then I was going to have them work at our coffee table, which has already been drawn on and scuffed up, and is pretty much kidded up already. I was just really not looking forward to seeing pink and blue marks on it everyday in addition to the pen and pencil marks it already has. So instead, I told Nick to dump the toy bin and we used the bottom of that as a tabletop. It worked perfectly. And of course, they did not make one mark on the bottom of it with the markers. (I am sure that if I had let them use the actual tables, there would have been marker everywhere.)

They were so proud of their work. Both kids wrote their own names on theirs. One kid used actual letters and one kid thinks he did.

I went through with baking them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, and I guess the ink is set. It seemed pretty set before that too. It’s not like I am going to be washing these ornaments in the dishwasher, but I wanted to see what it was like before I did it with something else like a plate or mug.

They picked their ribbon colors (Alyssa wanted purple, white and green all twisted together. We compromised on her picking just one color via eenie meenie miney moe). Then we wrapped them in tissue paper so they didn’t break. I let them carry them home in Christmas bags and sweet little Nick kept thanking me for letting him take it home like that. I really love Pinteresting with these kids!


Total cost: $64 cents each


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