Day 125 – Hand Santatizer

Sometimes you may be in need of a cute little gift that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Maybe you have a Secret Santa. Maybe you have a lot of people you need to give gifts to and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Maybe you just really like hand sanitizer. Whatever the reason, this gift idea is a winner. Anything that is dressed like Santa is sure to please.

The blog where I got this idea has a lot of other inexpensive gift ideas that have cute puns. Most of them are pretty simple to put together. I also particularly like the one that says “Twiz the season to be jolly” with Twizzlers.

The Hand Santatizers are pretty simple. The tutorial kind of confused me and mentioned a lot of supplies that I didn’t have. I am going to try to be as specific as possible with my tutorial here.

First I cut my paper using my straight edge paper cutter to the size that I thought would be the right height for my bottle. I was mistaken so I had to trim some more off. Then I was still a little to high so I trimmed a little more off. That made it perfect.

Next I wrapped it around the bottle until it was tight enough for my liking and I used scrapbooking glue tape to seal it together. The edge popped up a bit, so I used some liquid glue to stick it down tightly.

My liquid glue has a tiny tip and a thick tip on it. I used the thick tip to adhere some sparkly glitter for the “fur” of Santa’s coat.

After that, I cut a thin strip of black and wrapped it around the bottle. I needed to trim off the excess and sealed it with glue tape and liquid glue.

Then I rooted around in my things to find something that would work for the gold of the buckle. I found some yellow grosgrain ribbon and cut a square out of the middle. It worked perfectly for the larger bottle, but I couldn’t get it to work for the smaller one. For that one, I cut a square of yellow paper and glued a smaller square of black in the middle.

I love trying to make things work based on the supplies I already have instead of trying to buy the specific pieces that someone else tells me I must use. I think it is fun to take an idea, but make it my own.

Total cost: $0 (I already had the santatizers from a while ago)

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