Day 124 – Minute to Win It

I survived our Holiday Party today, and I have to say, it was one of the better holiday parties that I have been a part of. We did three rotations where the kids decorated ice cream cones to look like Christmas trees, made ornaments using apple sauce and cinnamon, and played a minute to win it game with Christmas cards.

I put a line of tape across two separate tables. I set up 8 cards on one side of the tape on each table. They had to blow the cards over until they were hanging over the edge (even just a little bit was ok). They couldn’t be touching the tape at all, and if they fell off the table, they didn’t count. I wish I could post pictures of this event because it was a hoot. The kids seemed really into it. We had two kids blowing cards over at one time, and then the winner would go against a new person. The longest a kid was in was four rounds. He said he was getting light headed by the end. I had the first group blow on the cards for 1 minute, but then I decided that was a little too long. After that we did 30 seconds. There was a tie two different times, so we had them go 15 seconds for the tie-breaker round.

I had a really helpful parent helping me judge the tables and set the cards up. This helped things move along at a good rate so the kids were not getting restless and they were able to have a good time. They got a prize each time they won and I think they really had a fun time with it.

Here are some websites where you can find minute to win it kind of games you can play with kids or adults.


Total cost: $0 (I had a bunch of cards left over from past years, and I was planning on reusing them after this game until I realized how much unsanitary stuff was probably on them after 27 kids had been blowing all over them. They are currently on their way to recycleland.)


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