Day 123 – Christmas Lights Nails

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? There are so many great fun things to do. I absolutely love this nail activity and I am so glad that I read the directions before just doing what I thought it was.

When I originally saw the picture, I thought that you should just draw the black line with a marker. As it turns out, you are supposed to use string. I am not sure what kind of string they used in the picture, but I had some black thread, so that’s what I used.

It was a little time consuming but here’s what I did:

  1. White layer (thanks Tori…I owe you some white since I have had yours since before Halloween)
  2. Clear layer
  3. Lay the black string into the clear and swirl it around, or make it in whatever shape you want it to look like. Leave ½ inch of the string on each end at this point.
  4. Clear layer over string
  5. Let dry and then trim the strings
  6. Green and red “lights” on the string
  7. Clear coat to seal it all in

It was all pretty simple except the whole left hand thing. Amazingly though, I think I did a neater job on my right hand (while my left hand was doing the work). Probably because I was trying harder to keep it steady.

These are the most festive nails I have ever had!

My nails and I are totally ready to rock out the Christmas tablecloth dress tomorrow afternoon! (Pictures to follow probably)


(Please ignore the messy white part. It will be prettier by tomorrow when all that smeary junk comes off)


Total cost: $0

Warning: I painted my final top coat while I was finishing up this post and some of my red lights were not all the way dry. They are kind of smeary. Definitely wait until things are totally dry before doing the final top coat. They are not ruined, but just a little more “glistening” than they should be.

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