Day 122 – Gift Goodie Bags

I love Christmas. I love making Christmas cookies and candy and other delicious things. I also think that delicious things make good presents. It is sometimes difficult to decide how to package snacks in a pretty way, but in something that you don’t mind getting rid of. Those disposable containers are a good option, but they cost money, and I like spending zero dollars better than I like spending anything more than zero dollars.

This idea allows the cute packaging of snacks without costing particularly any money. I already owned Ziplocks, a stapler, scrapbook paper, and ribbon. I thought this made a cute addition to a boring old Ziplock bag.

It would probably be great on sandwich sized baggies, but I was nearly out of those, so I went with quart sized. I decided to fold over the top to make it shorter, and so it didn’t look like a huge quart sized bag with just a bit of snacks in the bottom.

I would definitely recommend this project if you need a quick gift.


Total cost: $0

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