Day 121 – Reindeer Water Bottles

Every Christmastime for the past 9 years (sheesh I’m getting old), we have a holiday party in our class. I like to refer to it as a Christmas party, but in honor of someone who may not celebrate Christmas, I will refer to it as “Holiday” party.

Since we are really cool teachers over there in our giant classroom, we decided to make these cute little water bottles that look like reindeer. They have a pipe cleaner wrapped around the neck of the bottle and google eyes with a red puff-ball nose. The original pin showed the smaller water bottles, but a parent donated these, so we made an adaptation. I think they turned out SUPER adorable. I am not sure how I feel about making 30 more of these, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It’s all for the joy of the children right?

Total cost: Hard to say. The water was donated. The eyes are a thousand years old. The puff balls were bought for another purpose. The pipe cleaners were $1 for 25 I think. I bought 2 but I had a coupon. If we take $2 divided by 34 water bottles I think that works out to be 6 cents a bottle.


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