Day 120 – Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Balls

These. Are. Tasty.

The end.


Ok. Not actually the end. But I am in love with this recipe. They are in no way healthy (unless you would like to look at the fact that they have legumes, which are vegetable-like, and rice, which is a healthy grain. Butter is dairy, which is also a necessary food group…in fact, never mind. I am pretty sure these can be considered a health food.)

Once I mixed everything together, I made little balls by rolling them in my hand. I have pretty sensitive skin in many situations, so maybe this is abnormal for most people…but my hands were SO itchy during this step. Add Rice Krispies to the things that make my skin itchy. Who would have thought?!

Aside from that little situation, this was very easy. The recipe said to use chocolate chips to dip it in, but of course, I am sure that you know how much I hate chocolate chips as a dipping agent, so I used my preferred method of Almond Bark. I think that worked out perfectly. It took two thirds of the package, so I have some left over for another project some day. I also had a little leftover melted chocolate, so I made a few chocolate covered pretzels to use it up.

Now stop reading this and go make your shopping list so you can make these tomorrow.
They’re not the prettiest but they are tasty!


Total cost: $7

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