Day 119 – Christmas Fonts

I know that I have used downloading fonts before, but these aren’t just any fonts. They are CHRISTMAS fonts. That means they are way better. Everything is better at Christmas.

Plus, I have had a really busy time here recently. This is the closest I have ever been to Christmas without making a bunch of different cookies. I have just not had time between getting decorated for Christmas and Pinteresting. This blog takes way more of my time than I was anticipating. I still intend on keeping it going, but here around this time of year, I just might have to pick some cheapo things to do for the sake of needing to take care of all these other delightful Christmas festivities.


FYI: I downloaded Cinnamon Cake, Candy Cane, and Santa’s Sleigh. They will be useful this week if I need to type anything up for my class that looks holidayish. I also think that Cinnamon Cake will be a cute one for any time of year. I love these cute fonts!


Total Cost: $0

Pin it here


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