Day 118 – Wrapping Paper Bow

It’s Christmastime, which means WRAPPING TIME. I like to wait until the last minute to wrap because I always like to see what I have for people and to look at the things as a whole.

Tomorrow we have a family Christmas party, so I had (have) a little wrapping to do tonight. Bows have a way of taking an average box and making it prettier, and they are pretty cheap, especially when you buy them after Christmas like I do. The thing about those bows that you buy, is that they kind of look…well…they’re not the prettiest. I do use them, but I like to jazz them up with extra ribbon and things. These wrapping paper bows are a refreshing change to the old classic. For this box, I did matching wrapping paper since I had a scrap left over. After I did this, I was thinking it might look nice to choose a contrasting paper too. I will probably try that for the other gifts I have to wrap over the next week.

I also like that this can be used with any type of wrapping paper. I don’t usually have bows and things for birthday presents, but this can solve that.

One little tip I would give is to be careful when you are curling. I ripped a few strips off by accident because I tugged too hard. You can’t notice that some pieces are missing because there are enough curls to cover the ripped ones, but I would imagine if you ripped too many, it might look like your bow got a buzz cut.


Merry Christmas Present Wrapping


Total Cost: $0


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