Day 117 – Heart Envelope

Ok. I admit it. I lacked inspiration tonight. I did not have anything brilliant on the plan for tonight and I just kind of didn’t feel like making a mess. (Usually making the mess is the fun part. It’s the cleaning of the mess that I hate). I have been needing to send a little package to a friend in the mail, so I was going to send a little note in the package using this cute little heart that folds into an envelope.

Stupidly, I used my cute paper first, thinking it would be a one-take project. My first one yielded a very small envelope, which I would have made work, except the point of the envelope did not line up in the middle of the page when it was folded over. I am not sure what happened. I also had to fold and unfold and recrease a couple of times, but really the thing I hated the most was the offset point.

So then I found a less-but-still-pretty other paper and made a larger heart. I still had trouble getting it to line up nice and straight and I had some recreasing going on there too. Both kind of looked like cheapo crappy envelopes that I would not be proud to send to anyone. Instead, I will be sending a non-homemade card that is much less personal but should get the job done just the same. Maybe with a little more practice, I will master this. It’s just that it takes a whole sheet of 12 x 12 paper and practicing something like that seems wasteful. I will just buy cute cards that come with pre-made envelopes instead.


Total cost: $0


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