Day 114 – Shoe Organizer in Bathroom Cabinet Door

This is a keeper.

One day a while ago, I was helping my grandmother clean out one of her closets and we came across a few plastic shoe organizers. She wanted them to go in the throw away pile, so I told her I would gladly take them because I saw this thing on Pinterest where you could use them in your classroom to organize supplies. I stuck them in my closet at school and there they lived for about 8 months. (But that counts the summer and it’s not like I really was doing any classroom organization during the summer). I could never really find a place in my classroom to hang them, so I just held onto them for future needs. Like today.

I cut off a section of 4 because that was what would work best for my bathroom cabinet door. Then my husband used his manly staple gun skills and stapled it on for me. I put in the things that were clogging up our counter top and here we are. Organization! I love it.


Total cost: $0


Now I am trying to figure out where else I can put some for maximum organization…


One thought on “Day 114 – Shoe Organizer in Bathroom Cabinet Door

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