Day 113 – O Christmas Tree

I have learned the art of Christmas Tree-ing from the masters and I would have to say, I’m not too shabby at it.

From my dad, I learned the importance of finding the perfect Christmas Tree. We would hike and hike finding things wrong with each tree we passed until the perfect tree appeared like a little Christmas beacon. That perfect triangular shape. Taller than my dad as he put his arm up in the air to gauge its height. No major dead spots or gaps. It is truly an art form. A few years we could be found riding around to 4 or 5 tree farms in search of that perfect tree. The craziest was when we went all over central and mid-western Maryland, probably a little of southern PA and then we ended up quitting and getting an artificial. We all hated it so much that we stuck that thing up in the attic after that Christmas and did the crazy hunt the next year. O Christmas Tree hunting.

From my mom, I learned the art of properly lighting the tree. She always always always puts the lights on the tree. For the longest time, I never paid attention to what she did, but it was always so beautiful. Then I started to put the lights on my very own Christmas Tree a few years ago and I realized how annoying of a job it is. I was trying to circle around and around a tree that was against the wall and it was very frustrating. My mom told me that she zig zags hers in and out of the insides of the branches so that the lights are much more than just strung on there. It is just like a little light collage. Well that is a brilliant method and never seems to disappoint.

In keeping with my Pinteresting, I decided to try this lighting technique where you string them vertically instead of horizontally. I was willing to give it a try, but only if it was successful. I do not like being able to glance at my tree and see the cord of the lights. As I look at mine now, I notice a cord that needs to be shoved inward a little more. I tried the vertical thing toward the back just in case it did not meet my standards.

I found this vertical strategy to be very difficult to manage. You see, the branches on the tree are layered side to side, allowing the lights to slip right in when you are putting them on horizontally. You can shove them in and hardly tell there is a cord at all. It is just the nice twinkle of lights and sparkle of ornaments. When I put them on vertically, it was very difficult to get the lights to go in between the branches. I found that I could see the cord more this way and I was wishing that I could just get back to doing it the way that I know I like. I was not willing to mess with my perfect Christmas tree. Not even for the sake of 365 Days of Pinterest.

I am not fully finished putting the ornaments on it, but here’s what I have so far tonight.


Total cost: $0


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