Day 112 – Glitter Nail Polish Between 2 Layers of Color

Professionals are much better at nail painting than I am. My nails never seem to look quite like the ones in the picture. Alas, I continue to try.

I saw this picture of nails with a layer of glitter in between 2 coats of red and thought it was very Christmassy. I made one fatal mistake, however, in trying to keep my “Total Cost” down. I found a glitter nail polish that was slightly different than what I had in mind, but it was only $1 (I mean, this is just a Pinterest blog…I don’t need to go broke do I?). The problem was that this glitter is made of smaller pieces and multi-colored, not just gold.

I painted a layer of red and then covered it in glitter. I liked the way this looked, but I pressed onward by adding another layer of red over top of the glitter. Since this glitter has some blue pieces in it, that kind of showed up as dark spots through the red. If you look really closely, you will see a tiny bit of shimmer from some of the glittery pieces underneath. I only painted 1 finger in red so all of my hard work would not be lost. I will rock these glitter nails for a bit this week.

(I did not take a picture because I have a few smudges around my skin that I can’t get off yet. Usually when I wash my hands in hot water the extra paint comes off. I will do that later and try to remember to take a picture)

Total Cost:



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