Day 111 – Snowman Bread Tie

Every year since the beginning of time (or at least the past lots and lots of years), my grandmotherly ancestors have baked paper thin sugar cookies for Christmas. It is grueling work that is totally worth the payoff in the end. In recent years we have taken the second Saturday in December to be our cookie day. We start around 8 and finish when we finish. Sometimes it is around 5. Last year it was around 7. This year it was 4. (We only did a batch and a half this year unlike the usual 2 batches in the past). Since my amazing mom rolls the dough so thin (you have to be able to see the countertop through the dough), it yields a LOT of cookies. Our batch and a half this year got us about  670 cookies.


We decorate each one with sugars and sprinkles. It is definitely my favorite holiday tradition, but it makes for one full and exhausting day. Not much energy for Pinteresting today.
That is why I decided to make a snowman bread tag. I thought these were pretty cute and they would make for a cute way to tie a gift bag of cookies. I was lacking an orange marker so I had to make the carrot nose with black, which ended up looking more like a beak. I don’t have another white tie to make a redo so this one has to be it. If I decided to do this for a real gift bag tie, I would put the eyes closer together and get an orange marker for the nose.


Total cost: $0


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