Day 109 – Hot Glue Snowflake

Need a simple, pretty Christmas ornament idea? This is it! I printed a picture of a snowflake from the internet (which would have gone much more smoothly if my printer wasn’t on its last leg and then it started printing things from November 19 that I meant to print at school, but were somehow saved in my home printer’s memory. To make matters the most annoying, after each page that was printed, it would error and I could not figure out how to quit that document from printing. Finally I got things settled with that and tried to print my snowflakes and it kept erroring again. Suffice it to say that I need a new printer!)

So after that, it was really pretty simple. I spread some dish soap on the wax paper (apparently this helped it come off of the wax paper more easily). I put the snowflake paper under the wax paper and outlined the shape of the snowflake in hot glue. When it hardened, I peeled it off and added mod podge and glitter. I think it turned out pretty cute. Once the mod podge dries, I will probably add a ribbon and hang it from my tree (that I don’t have quite yet but hope to get this weekend).

Merry Christmascrafting!

Total cost: $0

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