Day 108 – White Chicken Enchiladas

Usually, I do not like actual Mexican food all that much. Occasionally I will go to a Mexican restaurant with friends, and usually I like what I order, but it is not my first choice. At home, we have tacos here and there…the kind where you mix the powdery packet of seasoning in the ground beef and microwave your tortillas to warm them.

I do not know much about Mexican fixing, but my very dear younger cousin told me about this recipe, so I decided to give it a try. It is quite possible that this is as far from actual Mexican cooking as you can get. I have no idea. But it goes right in the category of all of the other Mexican food that I have had. It is good, but I do not love it. I can’t speak for what I did not like about this recipe. Part of my problem was that the toritillas were a little soggy from where the sauce soaked them. I think this was how it was supposed to be, but I did not love that. I can’t say I don’t recommend this. I think I do. I am not completely in love with it, but someone else might be.


Total cost: $7 (or so)

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