Day 107 – Music Ornament

Last year, when I first became obsessed with Pinterest, I saw an ornament where you glue music onto the outside of a Christmas ornament. I made a few of these, but they were really messy and kind of lumpy. I liked the way they turned out, but I didn’t really love making them.

This year, I found a way to make them using the very same music, but without all of the drippy Mod Podge getting all over everything. In my haste of not reading directions (maybe one day I will learn), I rolled up little bits of sheet music and stuck them into the Christmas ornament. Then I swirled it around with the pen to get it to spread out. I wasn’t satisfied with the fact that all of the pieces stayed pretty curled in there. It looked ok, but nothing like the picture.

So then I decided investigate the directions more thoroughly (read: decided to read the directions in the first place). They did not curl up the paper before putting it in, they just put it right in. I gave that a try and amazingly, it worked. It was quite a challenge to get the pieces to cover the empty spots, and I still have a few gaps, but I think that adds to the character of a handmade Christmas decoration.


On a related note: For Sale: Two Christmas Ornaments. $0 each. Serious inquiries only. 🙂


Total cost: $0 (The ornaments were from last year. I think maybe they were $1 each, but chances are I had a coupon)


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