Day 106 – Peeling an orange

One of my favorite people shared a bunch of pins with me the other day so I could give them a try. I kind of forgot about them and when I made my weekly Pinterest schedule yesterday, I realized that I did not include any of them (oops). Then I  went to the grocery store and bought some navel oranges to have with my lunch for the week.  This morning I was thinking about how I wished I could try that orange peeling thing she had me pin, but it wasn’t today’s scheduled project. That’s when I took it upon myself to scrap the schedule and do this orange thing anyway. Schedule schmedule.

I peeled a circular section off the top and bottom of the orange and then sliced it down the side between two orange sections and attempted to unroll it, just like the picture showed.

Now maybe I am just in a rut where all of the random new pins I try decide to flop…maybe my orange peel was too thick…maybe I misread the directions and did something wrong…I am not sure exactly what happened, but it certainly did NOT unroll. The slices started to tear and the peel was breaking each time I tugged it. I just ended up cutting the pieces like I normally do, and moved on with life. I am interested to hear any success stories on this project if you happen to have given it a try. It obviously worked for the original girl (or else I was duped by yet another scam!)


Total cost: $0.34


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