Day 105 – Newspaper Christmas Tree

I saw this pin about a paper Christmas tree, and my preliminary assessment (when I looked at the picture) led me to believe that I had all of the supplies. As I procrastinated the day away with grocery shopping, school work, and other necessary life tasks, I got started on this project semi-late in the day and realized that it actually calls for using book pages, not newspaper like I had originally thought. Also, I was in a hurry, so I decided to only skim the directions, not read them thoroughly.

I did a lot of guesswork, and used newspaper instead of book pages. If I had read the post a little more carefully, I would have learned how to cut the squares to be more accurate. I also had to fight off a really cute dog from eating my scraps of paper.

Mine is definitely not as crisp and “mantle worthy” as the one in the picture, but I think it is ok.


Total cost: $0 (I actually had a dowel rod from a really cute pirate cake I made for my favorite nephew’s birthday this past August).

Pin it here


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