Day 103 – Sailor Knot Bracelet


I am pretty much a trooper when it comes to crafts. I finish things out to see them through and then decide if I love or hate them. This is the first project in a long time (maybe ever?) that I have quit before I finished.

It was supposed to be a necklace that is repurposed from a tee shirt, and the picture shows it in a pretty pink. It seemed a little larger than I would usually wear, but I am always up for something adventurous. I just did not have a pink shirt that I was willing to cut up, so I decided this would be a project for the future (I pinned it a while ago).

I have been doing a lot of clothing clean-out recently because I have this husband who gets frustrated when I say that I have nothing to wear, but he sees a closet full of clothes. I decided to prove to him that I do, in fact, need more clothes, which meant I have been busy. I have taken some things to a consignment shop, and I have recently made a bag to donate. One thing was too ratty to donate, and as I was walking to the trash can with it, I was thinking about how much of a shame it is to throw a piece of clothing away. I was thinking about how I wish I could repurpose it in some way…and then a little light bulb went off in my head and I remembered the pin about the necklace from a tee shirt and how I have been wanting to have a pink shirt to cut up so I could give it a try.

The tutorial was very good in some points because it had great pictures that showed each step. I could not have done it without that. In other points though, I was left a little confused. I did not know how long to cut the strips, so I had to guess. It was not until later that I noticed in the picture that they cut through the shirt side-seam to get a longer strip. Since my strips were small, I decided to make a bracelet instead. I was able to do the sailor knot without any trouble, but when I tested it out on my arm as a bracelet, I was not impressed. I continued on though, and braided the side and continued to tie the knot in the end as the directions told. I was struggling with what to do with the loose ends, and I was getting a little frustrated. I realized that I really did not like the look of this as a bracelet, and I did not see myself wearing it anyway, so what was the point in continuing. There are too many other things I would rather do with my time than make a bracelet that I will probably never wear.


At least now I know how to tie a sailor knot.




Which is probably going come in handy in zero situations in my future.


Total cost: $0

Pin it here


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